What to do?

Relaxing at the lodge.
Savour breakfasting out on a cool quiet morning listening to birds’ songs , read a good book while sipping mint tea in front of the chimney, enjoy a game of bowls in a friendly atmosphere, discover the art of calligraphy, set an easel on the rooftop…
Rambling around the ecolodge: 
Your host will happily explain to you how to visit on your own the closest places of interest such as Sidi Moussa’s restored traditional grain storage castle, Agerdnozrou’s dinosaur tracks or Tabant’s souk. 
Guided day or even two-day tours are also available on demand; hiring mules or donkeys can be an option to bring children along or to visit distant waterfalls, or even Jbel Rhat's prehistoric rupestral engravings. You can also enjoy strolling along irrigation canals in the shade of centenial walnut trees and have fun spotting the storks in the fields and their remarkable nests on top of chimneys. There is also a small wadi just down the lodge perfect to go river wading.
Trekking the M'Goun Massif:
Our ecolodge is convenient to start a guided wilderness tour of Mount M'goun's region. 
Experience challenging high passes, ascend 4068 metre Mount M'Goun , hike in picturesque landscape and meet nomadic shepards grazing their flocks in remote upland areas. For more on treks, please contact us, your host is a qualified mountain guide. 
NB: the valley is also a great paragliding spot. 
Cooking and Tasting:
The guesthouse offers Moroccan cooking workshops.
Lea how to cook couscous or tagines,  and discover new tastes such as home-grown saffron tea , family-produced olive oil or pure euphorbia honey. 
What makes the Safraniere different ?
  • Our commitments: ecofriendly comfort (solar hot water), hygiene, authenticity. 
  • Fresh organic vegetables and fruit from the kitchen garden and the orchard in the summertime.
  • The possibility to discover how to gather saffron threads with your host in October: a unique experience!
  • An interactive multilingual library built up by guests willing to leave at the house a copy of a long-cherished book. 


From the stairs leading to the rooftop

saffron threads